Our Company

Our Company

We survey yachts, ships, and barges of all types and sizes including sailboats. We have a large team of experienced, qualified professionals who offer worldwide service as well as valuable insight. 

We assist Owners, buyers, attorneys and underwriters with purchase transactions, complex insurance claims, repairs, refits and valuations.  We offer guidance for clients building yachts and other vessels.   

We are familiar with and accepted by most all insurance and lending institutions. We understand the requirements of Classification Societies and the UK MCA Codes such as LY2 and LY3. We are familiar with many Flag State requirements.   

Patton Marine’s electrical division offers onboard electrical systems assessments, power generation and distribution analysis, switchboard, power quality and harmonics analysis.   

Our technical equipment includes: power analyzers, thermal imaging, audio gauging, paint testing, borescopes, photography, and noise meters.   

Our Time and Experience is Our Stock In Trade