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We survey yachts, ships, and barges of all types and sizes. We have a large team of experienced, qualified professionals who offer worldwide service as well as valuable insight. We assist Owners, buyers, attorneys and underwriters with purchase transactions, complex insurance claims, repairs, refits and valuations.  We offer guidance for clients building yachts and other vessels.

We are familiar with and accepted by most all insurance and lending institutions. We understand the requirements of Classification Societies and the UK MCA Codes such as LY2 and LY3. We are familiar with many Flag State requirements.

Patton Marine’s electrical division offers onboard electrical systems assessments, power generation and distribution analysis, switchboard, power quality and harmonics analysis.

Our technical equipment includes: power analyzers, thermal imaging, audio gauging, paint testing, borescopes, photography, and noise meters.

Our Time and Experience is Our Stock In Trade     

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  • INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING (Hull & Machinery) 

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Patton Marine is an industry leader in marine surveying with over 11,000 surveys performed in ports all over the world. 

Our experience allows us to expertly survey any size and type of yachts or vessels anywhere in the world.  

Mr. Patton & the Patton Marine team of surveyors have completed consulting work for over 50 shipyards and boat builders around the globe.

Our aim is to deliver an honest, intelligent, non-destructive service to you as a buyer or to a broker and their client.     

We welcome new challenges and your inquiries.


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About Us


    A pre-purchase survey is usually performed when an individual is considering purchasing a yacht and/or anowner is looking to sell their yacht. This is our most detailed and in-depth examination. Systems and equipment are operated and proven. A sea trial is performed and a haul out for bottom and running gear examination is performed. A written report is issued complete with a list of equipment seen onboard along with a detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations. Replacement and current market values are assessed using comparable yacht sales in the current market. The majority of lenders and insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey prior to binding a contract.  This survey can also assist a seller in evaluating what repairs and/or upgrades should be completed in order for the yacht to be placed on the market at a competitive price.
    Condition & Valuation Surveys consist of visual examination and operational testing of yacht and systems, afloat or in dry dock. There is no trial run or haul out required, unless it is specifically requested. This type of survey can serve as an official document stating the condition of the yacht, its identification numbers, compliance with applicable standards, the general condition of equipment seen onboard, and the fair market value. This type of survey is usually requested by the insurance company or a financial lending institution, however it can be used for other reasons, such as estate settlements and legal proceedings.

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  • DAMAGE SURVEYS              
    Damage Surveys are completed to determine and describe the nature, extent and likely cause of damage to a yacht or other vessel. Damage surveys are often requested by insurance companies, Owners  and managers. Damage surveys assist in the settlement of insured damage claims and the preparation of detailed repair specifications. Follow up examinations are typically performed to document the repairs and other events related to the damage incident. We work with specialist engineers and investigators as needed, to help resolve outstanding issues.
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    We assist Owners, managers, builders and financial institutions during new construction projects by offering insight into the vessel specific construction process. Our services range from initial specification reviews through documenting delivery of the vessel. Surveyors periodically visit the project during the build to examine progress, review construction issues and inspect workmanship. Important observations and recommendations are reported, from a review of tank tests through completion of acceptance trials.
    Written reports and photographs are used to document our findings and recommendations throughout the process.
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    We offer a variety of repair and refit related services. Our surveyors can expertly assist with preparation of repair specifications and bid packages, as well as following the repair project through completion. Various service levels are available, from full time attendance through periodic visits to examine workmanship and document progress.
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    Patton Marine offers long and short term contract superintendency services to Owners and Managers. We provide skilled professionals to efficiently plan and manage shipyard based repair, refit and construction projects. Our marine superintendents have worldwide experience in the commercial and yachting sectors that can benefit your organization. 

  • HVAC SURVEYS  We offer specialist examinations of heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. This includes examination and testing of HVAC system equipment, installation work, and review of the overall system performance. This helps assure that the systems are running efficiently, providing comfort, safety and energy efficiency for an Owner and his guests.
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    Our electrical surveyors are able to review AC & DC electrical system installations and designs.  We check for safety related issues, as well as make reference to applicable marine electrical standards such as ABYC, NFPA, USGC, IEEE and classification society rules.  The onboard electrical power generation, distribution and grounding/ bonding systems are reviewed; systems are checked for proper installation, voltage, frequency, monitoring, control, and protection.  
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    Examinations are performed us using the state of the art FLIR™ thermal imaging cameras to check the vessel’s electrical equipment for overheating. The detection of overheating components can aid in preventing premature equipment failure, increasing onboard safety. The cameras are interfaced with software able to present thermal images in multiple formats.
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    The survey is performed using the state of the art Fluke™ power quality analyzers to analyze single and three phase electrical systems. The systems are checked for kW, kVA, kVAR, unbalance, power factor, crest factor, voltage and frequency.
    In addition electrical system harmonic distortion is determined and its relevance is reviewed. The analyzers give true RMS measurements with simultaneous harmonics and wave form displays. The analyzers are optically interfaced with software able to present waveform, harmonic distortion and power quality charts and graphs.
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    The yacht is hauled out of the water where  audio gauging can be performed with an ultrasonic through thickness  gauge to determine how much wastage there is in the original steel or aluminum plating. This can help determine what repairs and/or replacement, if any, is required.
    Special attention is paid to areas that are known to be susceptible to corrosion, such as tank tops and tank margin plates, bottoms of bilges, cofferdams, chain lockers, plating beneath engine room batteries, air conditioning compressors and toilets, etc.
    Numerous readings are taken and the lowest readings in each are then recorded on a drawing or report sheets. Audio gauge readings are approximate. The gauging is carried out in areas of known potential problem areas. All areas of the vessel are not generally thickness gauged unless specifically requested.
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    We offer Infrared imaging of hull structure and components.  This is useful for non-destructive examination of fiberglass yachts, carbon fiber masts and other systems aboard. The slight differences in temperature that Infrared imagers provide can be used to diagnose water intrusion into composite structures, voids, delamination and other problems. It is useful for both new construction and in service vessels. Infrared technology requires not only a comprehensive knowledge of thermography and how and why it works but also a thorough acquaintance and understanding of yacht construction in order to properly understand and decipher the resultant images.
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  • GLOSS METERS             
    We use reflective gloss meters to determine the gloss or “shiny-ness” of yacht paint coatings.  This helps assess and document the condition of the high value coatings systems that make a yacht attractive to the eye.
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    We can take lubricating and hydraulic oil samples for laboratory analysis. Oil analysis is used to determine what wear metals and contamination is present in onboard machinery and systems. The test results can indicate normal or excessive wear, as well as water or other contamination. The metals found will indicate what components are wearing, and when compared to reference levels, will show if wear is steady, increasing or cause for action.
    Oil samples are typically taken from the main engines, transmissions and generators.
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  • NOISE LEVEL REPORTING             
    While on a trial run, surveyors use an audible noise level (dBA) meter to determine the various noise levels throughout the yacht, and moisture meter readings as may be required.
    Readings are taken at various locations throughout the interior including engine room and exterior of the yacht to document what is heard and assess how it may affect onboard comfort.         


Don Patton - Tom Corness - Tom Jones - Ian Kerr - Guy Clifford - Dan Robsham - Anthony Rossitto - Steve Marshall - Mark Geddis - Chris Smith - Walter Richardson -Simon Cox 

Don Patton  Cell +1-305-490-6059 \ Email:

67 years in the boating business dealing with power, sail, and commercial vessels in various aspects.  I adhere to a rigorous schedule of surveying and consultation work done for both yachts and commercial vessels ranging from 28' to 6,000 tons. The majority of the vessels seen are yachts. Also I assess salvages for various insurance companies, as well as  insurance survey work, valuation surveys for banks and lending institutions. This survey work has included mega motor yachts of the world for condition, value and insurability, sailing yachts and commercial vessels. 

Extensive travel throughout the world, including Europe, Asia, North & South America and Australasia. Writing specifications for new builds and refits, overseeing new builds & refits for yachts of all sizes all around the World i.e. Codecasa, CRN, Camper & Nicholson, Feadship, Benetti, Hakvoort, Trinity, Delta, Christiansen, Amels, HDW, Bloom Voss, Royal Huisman, Schweers, Lurssen, Perini, Nobiskrug, Abeking & Rasmussen, Alloy Yachts, CMN, Devonport and custom motor yachts and commercial vessels also smaller lesser known yards covering all types of construction wood, steel and composite.  

I am a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, American Boat and Yacht Counsel, Philanthropic Association of Sea Keepers, Mystic Museum, Team Paradise and Paralympic Sports Club which teaches handicap sailors.  

Tom Corness Cell +1-305-613-5315 \ Email:
Principal Marine Surveyor

Tom has been with Patton Marine for over 25 years; surveying all types of yachts, including large motor and sailing yachts up to 300+ feet. Travels extensively to boatyards in the US, Europe, South Africa, South America, Caribbean, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Prior to this he was captain and engineer on many large sailing yachts doing deliveries and ocean racing. He was involved with two Canadian Americas Cup syndicates.

Tom Jones Cell +1-305-491-0448 \ Email:
Office Coordinator

Joined Patton Marine in 1982 surveying yachts of all sizes. With over 25 years of experience in the marine industry. I am currently Managing Director in charge of the day to day operations of Patton Marine Surveyors and Consultants Inc., where I supervise our clerical team and coordinate all office functions along with scheduling surveys and providing information to our clients.    

Ian Kerr  Cell +1-305-310-5911 \ Email:
Marine Surveyor 

Board of Trade certified shipwright, 10,000 hours formal training in ship and yacht building and repair. Surveyor for Patton Marine, Inc. since April 1994. 

Thirty-nine years of continuous experience in the marine industry. Familiar with large power and sailing vessels. As a certified boat builder, I have overseen refits and new construction including writing of specifications. I have done surveys on all size yachts and vessels up to 300+ feet, including engineering and electrical installations, with a proven track record for cost effective building, repair, and management of large power and sailing vessels. 

All oceans experience as captain on power and sailing vessels, including North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, and the Mediterranean Sea. Extensive offshore yacht racing experience and considerable time in chartering and commercial fishing vessel operation.

Guy Clifford Cell +1-954-326-0791 \ Email:
Marine Surveyor  

With over 30 years of experience in the marine industry, Guy Clifford surveys all types and size of yachts, including large motor and sailing yachts. Prior to coming to Patton Marine, he was service manager of a yacht building company and worked for several years in delivery of yachts both sail and power.  He travels extensively to boatyards in the U.S., Europe, South Africa, South America, Caribbean, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Dan Robsham Cell +1-954-383-9260 \ Email:
Marine Surveyor NAMS – CMS Hull & Machinery
Chief Engineer, USCG Motor & Gas Turbine Vessels of any HP.

Chief Engineer, USCG Motor & Gas Turbine Vessels of any HP. Hull and machinery surveyor for new construction, pre-purchase, insurance, condition and valuation, damage and regulatory surveys worldwide. Mega and giga-yacht, commercial vessel, barge and offshore platform values from $4 to $315 million. Ex- ABS Americas & ABS Europe Surveyor for classification and flag state surveys of ships 100 to 500,000 GRT.

Consulting surveyor for international new build and repair projects, including shipyard pre-qualification inspections, specification preparations, contract negotiations and oversight of the resulting work on behalf of Owners.  

Specialties include mechanical, electrical, hull construction and regulatory matters under various flags and class societies. Attended projects at over 50 shipyards in the Americas, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. 

Owner’s Representative for various ship repair and new build projects in USA, South America and Europe. Completed complex insurance claim related surveys on behalf of vessel, shipyard, onshore and offshore facility Owners and Underwriters subsequent to Hurricanes Katrina and Ike. Assisted ship managers in settlement of contractual disputes.

Represented vessel Owners during completion of multi-million dollar damage repairs necessitated by groundings, fires and shipyard accidents, including preparation of the repair specifications and claims management.

Anthony Rossitto Cell +1-954-663-8237 \ Email:
Marine Surveyor
Conduct surveys on megayachts worldwide. Carry out specification contract reviews. Provide project management and consultant services to the megayacht industry. Graduated from Maine Maritime as an engineer and did sea time as such. Worked with American Bureau of Shipping for many years before joining Patton Marine.  

  • American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certified Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • American Society of Non Destructive Testing Level II Ultrasonic and Radiography Technician
  • USCG Certified for Conducting Inclining Experiments on US Flag Vessels
  • National Fire Protection Agency Certified for Confined Space Entry
  • American Bureau of Shipping Certified for Construction, Repair, and Evaluation of Fiberglass and Advanced Marine Composites

Steve Marshall Cell +1-954-383-2692 \ Email:
Marine Electrical Surveyor 

An electrical/mechanical engineer for over 26 years. Started in the Royal Navy as a marine electrical engineer who’s duties included watch keeping, maintaining and fault finding on electrical power generation, distribution and electrical propulsion systems. 

Steve Marshall has also worked as a building services engineer where he had extensive training in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. He has been an engineer on several yachts and has been working for the company part time since March 2003 and full time since 2005.

Mark Geddis Cell +1-954-815-0443 \ Email:
Marine Surveyor

A highly experienced ex-Royal Navy Marine Engineer with extensive experience operating, maintaining, and rebuilding equipment and systems including the following:  

  • Gas Turbines 
  • Domestic Electrical Systems
  • Ships Power Distribution System
  • Reverse Osmosis & Water
  • Treatment Plants Stabilizers & Hydraulic Systems          
  • Sewage and Waste Disposal Systems 
  • Diesel Engines and Generators              
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 
  • Oil/Water Separators 
  • Ships Tenders and Personal Watercraft                     
  • HP & LP Air Systems  
  • Pneumatic Control Systems 
  • Cathodic Protection Systems 

Strong project management skills, which include individual and group management, as well as ability to meet project deadlines within budget and time constraints. Logical approach to problem solving and an excellent eye for the aesthetically pleasing. He has been with Patton Marine as a surveyor for over 10 years surveying all sizes of yachts and vessels.   

Chris Smith Cell +1-954-376-0942\ Email:
Marine Electrical Surveyor   

An electrical engineer trained in both the British Royal Navy and the British Merchant Navy. Chris has also enjoyed many years as a licensed Marine electrical contractor/surveyor serving the South Florida marine industry before joining Patton Marine.  

Chris has been with Patton Marine for over 8 years as part of the Patton Marine electrical division offering onboard electrical surveys including, electrical systems assessments, pre-purchase and condition surveys, power generation and distribution analysis, switchboard thermal imaging, Harmonic distortion analysis and electrical specification review.  

Walter Richardson Cell +1 305-951-9097 \Email: Marine Surveyor 

As a yacht mate/captain/engineer and shipyard superintendent for the past 28 years, I have extensive marine industry experience and knowledge. Prior to working as superintendent, I commanded Feadships, Benettis, Swiftships, Hatteras, and other vessels ranging from 90' - 151' in length for 14 years. I have a comprehensive understanding of boat systems with another 14 years experience in supervising major refit and repair jobs for the top mega yachts in the industry, including a project on the 254' M/Y SAMAR. I am committed to professionalism in customer relations and to getting the job done right, which has earned me a following among boat captains and yacht owners. Over the past 28 years in this industry, both as a captain and while at Merrill-Stevens and Jones Boat Yard, I have developed many important relationships around the world in the marine industry, which will benefit Patton Marine customers.     

CONTACT US  1+305.648.0823
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American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) The American Bureau of Shipping is a classification society. Visit the ABS web site for rules and regulations for the building and classing of different types of motor yachts/pleasure crafts.


Lloyd's Register Lloyd's Register is a classification society. Visit the Lloyd's Register web site for rules and regulations for the building and classing of different types of motor yachts/pleasure crafts.

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